Chasers Nightclub COVID Safety Plan


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Current as of 1st May 2022


This plan provides staff guidance on operating in a COVID-safe way and helps identify and mitigate risks during the ongoing pandemic.

Purpose and objectives

Our practice is dedicated to the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff, patrons, and contractors.

In this pandemic environment, we acknowledge additional precautions are required and that these are outlined in this COVID Safety Plan.

1. Venue access and patron flow

To control the flow of people into and through the venue, our procedures are as follows:

Utilise multiple doors for entry and exits to the venue.
A management plan is in place for staff or patrons presenting with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 which enables immediate isolation of that person as well as the requirement that the persondon of a surgical face mask to reduce risk of transmission.
2. Social distancing

While acknowledging the nature of the venue means maintaining a physical distance of 1.5m with a patron is not always possible, our practice will put in place physical distancing measures by:

Providing training to all members of the team
Separate entry and exits to the venue so patrons remain contactless as much as possible and it is quick to enter and exit
Numbers are limited in areas such as toilets and smoking areas and other rooms.

3. Infection-control training
Staff have completed Infectious control training covering

HLTSS00065 – Infection Control Skill Set (Retail)

HLTSS00066 – Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling)

Staff are briefed by manager before commencement of each shift on current regulations and COVID safe practices.
TGA approved Home Rapid Antigen Pen tests are conducted on staff randomly every second week.
Regular hand washing is encouraged with Soap and multiple hand sanitiser stations are available to all workers throughout the venue.
Multiple non touch hand sanitisers stations are located throughout the venue.  
All staff to complete the Infectious control training module issued by the Australian Government Health Department.
Staff are aware of their role when managing a patient presenting with – or exhibiting symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.
Staff are trained to follow safe health practices and standard precautions, including hand hygiene, cough etiquette and appropriate waste-management techniques, are maintained.
4. Use of personal protective equipment
PPE and face masks are kept on site for all staff and patrons that wish to wear one.
5. Environmental management and cleaning

Our venue will regularly clean and disinfect shared spaces, surfaces and touch points. Our venue will:

Enhance air flow by opening windows and doors (where and when appropriate) and optimisingfresh air flow in air conditioning systems (by maximising the intake of outside air and reducing or avoiding recirculation of air)
Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces with detergent and disinfectant wipe/solution regularly– using a cleaning detergent followed by a disinfectant, or a two-in-one product with cleaning and disinfecting properties
Require staff who are cleaning areas such as toilets to wear fresh non-contaminated gloves, a surgical mask, and eye protection
Provide training to all staff members on environmental cleaning requirements.
Maintain a cleaning log in all bathrooms and bar areas. These cleaning logs will be signed off by a member of our management team.
6. Record-keeping

To aid contact tracing in the event a staff member, visitor, or patron to the venue tests positive for COVID-19, our venue procedure will be:

A staff vaccination logbook will be maintained and kept in the venue. All staff are required to be double vaccinated to attend work.
7. Staff management and limiting interactions in closed spaces

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission between staff, our procedure will be:

Regularly communicate with all team members regarding the requirement to not attend the venue if they have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, regardless of how mild, and will encourage testing in line with local public health unit advice
Support any team member who tests positive for COVID-19 or is identified as a close contact or is required too self-isolate.
Encourage breaks to be taken outside
Stagger breaks to limit the number of people in common areas
8. Responding to a positive case, or close contact, or staff member
If a member of staff tests positive to COVID-19, our venue will:
If a staff member is suspected of having Covid-19, they will be individually isolated using PPE until adequate transportation can be arranged.
The staff member will be required get tested and won’t be able to return to the workplace until a negative test result can be produced.

Plan review

This plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the current processes and procedures Chasers Nightclub with current legislation requirements and public health directives. The plan will be reviewed on or before 20 June 2022.

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